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Mathematics: How & Why it "Adds" to Your Success

February 15, 2022
StudySmart Team
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Math: It is intriguing, tough, complex, omnipresent, dreaded, loved, logical, systematic, and intuitive. There! We've used more than half a dozen adjectives to describe Mathematics. Given a choice, we would've used a dozen more! THAT is Math for you!

The world stands divided when it comes to Math. Most people love to hate the subject, while a handful are simply mesmerised by its complexity. And what about adults? Do they find it easy? Not at all. Many still scramble for a calculator to do simple calculations. However, no matter how we feel about it, Math is part of our lives from the moment we learn to add and subtract using our fingers and toes. How and why does this subject have such an impact on us? Let's find out.

Math: How It RulesThe World With Numbers

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You are absolutely wrong if you thought that Math was only for engineers, scientists, and mathematicians. It is for everyone. Math knowledge can be applied in countless situations outside of the classroom, more so than any other subject. The basic Math skills prepare students for real-life scenarios, from getting the right change after a purchase to calculating loan interest values.

Below are some reasons that justify the importance of a rock-solid foundation in Math.

Improves analytical thinking

Math seems complicated, but therein lies its ability to ignite your analytical thinking. Consider this scenario: What do you do when your teacher gives you a Math problem? You:

  • Gather data
  • Breakdown the reasons
  • Analyse the existing relations
  • Find a logical solution

This systematic process is very similar to how we can handle real-life situations that seem complex. Math imbues analytical thinking that enables you to investigate the details and arrive at the right solution. It helps you experiment with theories, correlate patterns, analyse data, seek evidence and draw conclusions. Such smart thinking abilities give you the extra edge to excel in anything you do.

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Helps financial organisation

A little bit of Math knowledge will help you plan a good budget for your business or home expenses. Budget planning is based primarily on Mathematical concepts like loss and profit calculation. Whether you are salaried or running a business, Maths helps you calculate your monthly savings, expenses, and financial returns.

Enhances career prospects

Mathematical skills are a bonus for any career you choose- be it an engineer, doctor, or even a chef. In fact, every professional uses Math in their career life, but the kind of Math used may be different. Here are some classic examples:

  • Blue-collar employees: Basic arithmetic for everyday work
  • White-collar employees: Advanced Mathematics to make managerial decisions
  • Healthcare professionals: To use, develop, and design digital healthcare systems
  • Accountants: To analyse financial records and accounting statements
  • Computer professionals: To use various applications for assessments and analyses
  • Helps maintain a fit mind and body

Studies have, time and again, proved that students who solve Math problems regularly have more logical skills than those who don't. Solving Math problems is, in fact, a great exercise to keep the brain sharp and alert.

Similarly, Math also helps us in maintaining our physical fitness. Think about how you have mentally calculated the calories when ordering a sizzling brownie with ice cream. When calculating calories, you automatically calculate how much workout time you will need to burn off the brownie-induced calories. From calorie-intake to calorie-burning, you need Math to do all the calculations.

Teaches better time management

Like Math, time management is all about calculating the numbers on your clock. Effective time management is a huge success formula, and Math plays a vital role in implementing it in our daily lives.

Math helps you calculate:

  • The distance between places and plan your travel time
  • Your study or work time to ensure completion
  • Your daily work schedule to ensure ample time for relaxation

Despite the solid evidence we have about Math and its benefits, half the world's population is terrified of the prospect of dealing with numbers. But, have you ever wondered why the other half loves Math? Let's check out some interesting reasons that Math-lovers offer.

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6 Reasons Why People Love Mathematics

1. Real-world applications

There's no way to avoid Math because we use it every day. Especially in this digital age of data and science, we are surrounded by figures, statistics, equations, and numbers. From making a pot of rice to handling your back account, we calculate, add, subtract and multiply innumerable times a day.

2. No grey areas

Every Math problem comes with a solution and a systematic theory that proves it. There is no room for guesswork or ambiguity. This objective perspective and assurance is something that only Math can give you.

3. Everything is relevant

With Math, everything is interconnected. For example, without learning addition, you wouldn't understand subtraction. The same goes for multiplication, division, algebra and calculus. In Math, one theory forms the foundation for the next, and so on. Therefore, there is no such thing as "old" and "new" in Math. Everything will remain relevant for ages to come.

4. One with nature

You would be amazed to know how nature and Math are strongly connected.
Let's give you some examples.

  • Fibonacci sequence, an extensive number sequence, is found in pinecones, seashells, flowers, and trees.
  • Geometrical shapes can be found in honeycombs, snowflakes, and spider webs
  • Concepts of time and space we use in daily life.
  • Order and organised pattern of planets and galaxies.
  • Overall usefulness of logic and reasoning
  • Motion of a clock pendulum

5. Infallible theoretical proof

Math has strong, fool-proof evidence for all its theories. Speculation has no place in the Math realm. In a way, Math proves that you need evidence to prove anything in real-life situations.

6. Exciting mental challenge

Nothing excites Math- enthusiasts more than a highly complex problem or theory. They love spending hours or even days trying to find the solution. Math-lovers claim that the exhilaration of arriving at the solution is equal to nothing. Once you learn to love Math, you can never have enough of it!

Math & Technology Integration: The Three Possibilities

Math and STEM classrooms can benefit enormously from the use of technology. We can enhance the learning process by using engaging and interactive media and creating customised learning experiences. Here are three ways to integrate Math with technology to support all STEM learners.

1. Using Multimedia

Simple, much-needed, and basic concepts such as borrowing in subtraction, multiplication tables in division, etc., can be taught using multimedia.
Many educators are already using videos, animation, graphics, and short movies to impart these mathematical concepts effortlessly. This kind of blended learning results in better conceptual understanding and retention.

2. Incorporating Visualisation

Visual learning is integral to understanding Math concepts. Here again, technology provides all the necessary tools to enable visual learning opportunities for students. Students can use:

  • Multimedia games
  • Digital tools
  • Simulations
  • Web-based graphing calculator
  • Digital whiteboards

3. Personalised Training

Customised learning works wonders for Math because no two students are the same. Apart from personalised one-on-one coaching, technology can provide students with guidance and support aligned to student needs.
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