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Improve your child's grasp of English and help them become a master of the language with StudySmart's AI-based customised self-learning techniques.
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Strengthening Your Child's English Prowess

Do you want your child to gain exceptional proficiency in PSLE English and score AL1 in their exam? If so, they need something far superior than the run-of-the-mill options to boost their mastery of the language - something like StudySmart’s English app.

At StudySmart, we know that English is a crucial subject for primary school students preparing for the PSLE. That's why we've developed an AI-powered app that covers all the essential topics in the PSLE English syllabus, including grammar, vocabulary, cloze passages, comprehensions, and sentence synthesis.

Our English module is designed to help strengthen your child's English vocabulary in an engaging and effective way, master the basic and advanced Grammar rules, refine their comprehension techniques and improve their overall exam skills.

With our adaptive question bank, your child will receive personalized questions based on their skill level and learning style, and our comprehensive practice tests will help to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Give your child the StudySmart advantage to optimise their PSLE English revision. Allow them to gain confidence by developing unparalleled competency in PSLE English and ace the exams with flying colours.

Our Specially-Curated Online English Curriculum

StudySmart's English curriculum is based on the syllabus prescribed by the Singapore's Ministry of Education and is constantly revised to ensure that it is up to date with the latest changes.

Apart from being efficient and engaging, with StudySmart, your child will be able to improve English skills through:
  • Personalized question banks that adjust to their skill level and learning style
  • Adaptive learning tools that help focus on areas where they need the most improvement
  • Practice tests that simulate the PSLE English exam
  • Pomodoro time management technique that creates 25-minute practice worksheets
  • Spaced interval repetition, which revisits weaker topics to improve memory and recollection

How we help your child’s PSLE English revision

Personalised Education
Tailoring and adapting the learning experience to align with your child's learning pace and strategies. We help them identify their strengths and weaknesses with English and redefine their learning tactics to progress at an optimised pace.
AI-Powered Question Bank
Compiling recent, relevant, and most-wanted question papers into a single, convenient, AI-powered app. Our question bank is a complete compilation of Primary 1 to 6 questions. So, your child can breeze through the questions without any supervision!
Enabling you to give your child the extra attention they deserve by helping you learn with them, guide them with their homework, and schedule their revisions. Understand your child's merits and demerits with our personalised reports.
Rapid Feedback
Providing consistent, real-time feedback such as instant test evaluation, error identifications, etc. Our StudySmart app even suggests ways to help your child avoid or repeat such errors and perform better in future tests.
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Brim With StudySmart Confidence

Overcome your child's hesitancy and fears about English. Make their revision effortless with PSLE English online app. You've got to try it to believe it!
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Breeze Through PSLE English With StudySmart

Is PSLE English a tough nut to crack? All your child needs is a well-structured revision curriculum and the relevant study materials to fortify their foundation and understanding of the subject. Once that's done, your child is good enough to breeze through any English challenge, even beyond the realms of PSLE.

StudySmart's PSLE English program perfectly aligns with the curriculum-based concepts and lessons taught in school. We supplement our revision techniques with relevant question banks, study techniques, and writing methods.

StudySmart helps students understand their exam requirements and refines their thinking process. With StudySmart, revision is consistent and progress is continuous.

We understand that English can be a complex and nuanced language, but with StudySmart PSLE preparation, your child can master the PSLE English syllabus and excel in their exams. Sign up today and experience the power of AI-driven learning!

PSLE English Exam Format

Paper 1: Writing (55 marks)

  • Situational Writing
  • Continuous Writing

Paper 2: Language Use & Comprehension (95 marks)

  • Grammar (MCQ)
  • Vocabulary (MCQ)
  • Vocabulary Cloze Passage (MCQ)
  • Visual Comprehension (MCQ)
  • Grammar Cloze Passage (Open-Ended)
  • Editing Passage (Open-Ended)
  • Comprehension Cloze Passage (Open-Ended)
  • Synthesis & Transformation (Open-Ended)
  • Comprehension (Open-Ended)

Paper 3: Listening Comprehension (20 marks)

  • 7 Passage (MCQ)

Paper 4: Oral Communication (30 marks)

  • Stimulus-Based Conversation
  • Reading Aloud
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How to ace PSLE English with StudySmart

Can your child improve their mastery of English by reading more books or writing more articles? Yes, they can. Will these measures alone be enough to have a command over Singapore's PSLE English syllabus? Probably not. The Singapore Primary school syllabus measures more than just the command of the English Language. It requires an exceptionally strong foundation in reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. For every Primary student in Singapore, these skills are necessary to power ahead in higher education and later on in their chosen careers. StudySmart helps your child:

Handle English with Confidence
It's the early years that matter! StudySmart helps shape your child's understanding of the language and allows them to apply those skills in their everyday learning.
Regularise Study Time
Our app teaches children important time management skills that they need to catch up with their writing techniques, polish their thematic vocabulary, and hone their advanced grammatical skills daily.
Enhance PSLE English Revision
Our app has dedicated PSLE modules that are designed to help students revise the accumulated content from Primary 1 to 6. StudySmart provides practice tests that simulate the PSLE English exam.
Targeted Help For Better Revision
Different students have different levels of interest and understanding. Using our PSLE English modules, your child can improve their thinking processes and answering techniques for English questions.
AI-Powered Technology for Learning
Our app is powered by the combined power of Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience. This potent combination enables our system to detect the weak points and augment their learning with targeted revision.  Sign up today and experience the power of AI-driven learning to master English, the complex language, and excel in PSLE English with StudySmart PSLE preparation.
A smartphone screen with a screenshot of StudySmart's PSLE exam mock test taking application. Has many small computer icons


StudySmart focuses on inculcating learning with a passion for the subject so that the learning experience becomes more enjoyable and results in desirable outcomes. We aim to provide personalised education for all students with Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience, StudySmart excels as one of the best tech options for Primary students. StudySmart provides personalized question banks and practice tests that simulate the PSLE English exam. Pomodoro time management is utilized by StudySmart in framing the 25-minute practice worksheets for a complete revision.
All our answers come with in-depth solutions and clear explanations. If your child is still having difficulties or doubts in understanding our solutions, you can contact us for a free personalised Zoom Q&A session with our teachers. This support service is provided round the clock, 24/7.
We know it might be overwhelming to handle so many different topics and practice them consistently, while still squeezing in a couple of revisions to revisit your mistakes. Fret not, our app has a full practice-revision plan integrated into it. And to make it better, StudySmart delivers AI-powered personalized question banks that adjust to your child’s skill level and learning style.
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