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PSLE Online Preparation Made Easy

Designed for Deep Practice

Introducing StudySmart - a PSLE online learning platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and built on the principles of "Deep Practice".

Deep practice is a unique learning approach that strives to stretch the comfort zone of students by zooming into the weak areas that they need the most help in.

By consistently monitoring your child’s performance and tracking their strengths and weaknesses, StudySmart can gently push them past their comfort zone to work on specific weak areas and turn them into strengths, without overwhelming and discouraging them. By targeting and focusing on these specific weak areas, students can make much more progress in the same amount of time.

Study Smart or Study Hard?

What's the Smarter PSLE Revision Technique?

PSLE preparation is no walk in the park. Your child needs a smarter approach rather than a tougher one.
Long study hours
Excessive notes and textbooks
Wasting time revising well-known lessons
Spending hours marking papers and figuring out solutions
Wrong learning techniques that do not boost your child's retaining power
Computer display
Pomodoro learning technique for high impact personalised studying
Micro-learning flashcards
100,000 + questions written by ex-MOE teachers and PSLE markers
AI-powered question bank designed to target learning pitfalls
Auto marking, instant feedback, and detailed analysis using Smart Analytics™
A.I. Smart Revision to recap high yield mistakes

PSLE Preparation for P1 - P6

Give your child the perfect headstart to their learning expedition!

StudySmart helps to deliver excellence in education through focused learning. Anchored on the principles of deep practice, StudySmart helps kickstart your child's preparation through the early primary years. From Primary 1 to Primary 6, our learning solution will guide your child to develop higher-order thinking skills and master the art of learning that can be applied beyond schoolwork and exams.

Our student platform guides your child through a four-step framework of Study, Practice, Analyse and Revise. Our parent platform shows you detailed insights into their performance and allows you to assign homework in just one touch.

Based on the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, our StudySmart Revision algorithm has a unique ability to target previous mistakes and weak areas by doing spaced repetition just as the student’s memory is about to wane.

One Platform, Multiple Pathways to PSLE Readiness

StudySmart - A one-stop platform to optimise your child’s PSLE revision.


A concise set of flashcards for each topic, that emphasizes on key points and concepts to reinforce students learning. The cards are also vibrantly illustrated to better engage students. The cards and the content are designed and created by PSLE examiners to ensure the highest standard of quality.

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Keep your child consistently engaged with our practice papers that have been created by ex-MOE PSLE question setters. Our questions are modeled after past PSLE papers and come with detailed solutions to ensure that your child is able to truly understand the concept and technique behind each question.

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Our real-time Smart Analytics provides you with a bird’s eye view of your child’s progress. It gives you both a macro and micro perspective as it shows both their overall and topical performance for the subject. Based on this, our system generates personalized assessment papers of different difficulty levels. These papers will be challenging as it pushes your child just out of their comfort zone, whilst ensuring that it will not be too overwhelming.

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Our AI-driven Smart Revision will ensure your child revises high-yield questions and allows them to recap their mistakes from the papers they have done. Our system automatically spaces out this revision to maximize your child’s retention by revising the questions right before they forget!

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Explore StudySmart’s PSLE Intense Prep Program

Facilitate your child’s PSLE preparation with the perfect tools and resources to turn PSLE-ready with confidence.
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Mastering The PSLE Subjects with StudySmart

StudySmart provides holistic learning for PSLE English, PSLE Mathematics and PSLE Science. Our platform is built based on the latest MOE syllabus for all three subjects and is constantly revised every year, ensuring that your child receives only the latest and the best. Our questions and answer schemes are designed by ex-MOE PSLE markers so that our standards are not just of top quality, but also that which mirror the actual PSLE exam standards.

Letter A
PSLE English
Help your child master the art of speaking, reading, and writing in English
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PSLE Maths
Emphasize important mathematical concepts to refine your child’s analytical and problem-solving skills
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PSLE Science
Fortify your child’s knowledge, logical reasoning, and comprehension of scientific concepts
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A Holistic Approach to PSLE Preparation & Revision

Smart App,
Smart Interface
Deep Practice
with Pomodoro Technique
Repeat & Master
Monitor, Evaluate
and Track performance
Smart App, Smart Interface
Just one app for both you and your child
Allows your child to log in with their student account
Lets you log in as a parent and keep track of your child’s progress
A smartphone screen shows the screenshot of the StudySmart PSLE exam application, which has visualizations in a pie donut chart of the performance of a student in PSLE math, science, and English subjects. Other small navigational and logo icons
Deep Practice with Pomodoro Technique
25 minutes of focused, personalized study time
Deep practice facilitated by AI-driven worksheets
Questions are auto-selected by AI algorithm to help your child target their weak areas
Questions are tailored to each child’s level of understanding, and yet being just sufficiently challenging to spur growth
Deep Practice with Pomodoro Technique
Revise, Repeat & Master
Practice & Revise difficult topics with our A.I. created worksheets
Toggles to revision mode when our A.I. system detects that their conceptual understanding is weakening
Consistent practice improves your child’s confidence
Revise, Repeat & Master
Monitor, Evaluate and Track Performance
Login with your parent credentials to gain real-time feedback on your child’s performance using our Smart Analytics feature
Assign topic-based homework for your child is less than 30 seconds
Monitor, Evaluate and Track Performance

No Questions Asked 30 – Day
Money Back Guarantee

Still have doubts about our app?

Fret not, because to us, your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why StudySmart offers a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee, because that is how sure we are that you will love our platform!

We don’t earn if you don’t learn!
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