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About StudySmart Student App

Introducing StudySmart - the AI-powered app that's changing the way primary school students prepare for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). Built on powerful insights from neuroscience, StudySmart uses the 4 step SPAR (Study, Practice, Analyse, Revise) strategy to provide the best education to our students.

The PSLE is a critical exam for students in Singapore, and the pressure to perform can be overwhelming. With StudySmart, students can access effective learning tools such as microlearning flashcards, question banks containing over 100,000 solved PSLE English, Maths & Science questions, and our own Smart Revision function to revise their mistakes and recap high yield questions.

At the heart of StudySmart's success is its AI-powered platform, which uses advanced algorithms to create customised study plans and questions based on each student's individual strengths and weaknesses. By analysing the student's performance data, the app can identify areas where a student may need additional support, and adjust their study plan accordingly. StudySmart's adaptive question bank ensures that students are constantly challenged at the right level, with questions that are tailored to their individual needs. The app provides instant feedback and answers, so students can learn from their mistakes and improve their understanding.

So if you're a student preparing for the PSLE, don't miss out on the chance to improve your understanding, application and memory retention, so that you can succeed in your exams. Download StudySmart today and start your journey to academic excellence!

StudySmart’s 4 step SPAR method to guarantee PSLE success


The first step to success is conceptual mastery. A key feature of StudySmart is its microlearning flashcards. These bite-sized pieces of information have been carefully crafted to help students understand key concepts and improve their recollection skills. With StudySmart, students can learn at their own pace, and review the material as many times as they need to.

At the heart of StudySmart's innovative approach is our Deep Practice method. Based on neuroscience, deep practice is a learning technique that involves stretching yourself to intensely focus on questions just outside your comfort zone, making mistakes, reflecting and practising them repeatedly till they become second nature. Our deep practice questions are assigned through Pomodoro worksheets, which are highly targeted 25-minute worksheets to focus on specific knowledge gaps. Each Pomodoro worksheet is personalised to your unique needs and pitched at the right difficulty level to challenge you without overwhelming you. Upon completion, all worksheets are auto-marked by our AI and double checked by our teachers.
Analysis is the single game changing step that most students miss out. No amount of practice will reap rewards if you don’t know where and how to practise. StudySmart employs a "test early, test often" principle to rigorously and repetitively test high yield exam questions to analyse each student’s mastery of topics. Our Smart Analytics engine is then able to pinpoint areas of weakness and generate Pomodoro worksheets to target these knowledge gaps to make the most of your study time.
StudySmart is built on a powerful insight from cognitive psychology, the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, which shows that people forget information rapidly unless it is revisited at spaced intervals. Based on this theory, our Smart Revision algorithm uses spaced interval repetition to revisit weak topics and high yield exam questions at optimal intervals to improve long-term memory retention.

FAQs on StudySmart Student App

Pomodoro technique has been shown to help students manage their time and work more effectively without giving in to distractions. With practice, the technique instils discipline, concentration and time management. This improves your child's lifelong learning capabilities.
The prime objective of using flashcards is to improve your child’s attention span, observing capability and active recall. These colourful flashcards contain explanations of concepts and ideas with vivid images and keywords. It is an excellent way of imparting in-depth information in a short span of time. Using flashcards, children can grasp vital concepts in a short time and remember them for a long time.
StudySmart uses our 4 step SPAR study methodology (Study-Practice-Analyse-Revise) to improve PSLE preparation. Apart from encouraging consistent revision, StudySmart offers problem-solving practice sessions to ensure your child is confident in their understanding of the topics. In addition to setting weekly goals for exam preparation, the app prepares timetables and provides targeted practice based on those goals.

StudySmart uses our 4 step SPAR study methodology (Study-Practice-Analyse-Revise) to improve PSLE preparation.

  • Study effectively and efficiently using our flashcards
  • Practice with personalised worksheets from a question bank containing 100,000 questions and receive instant feedback
  • Analyse your progress using our Smart Analytics function to know where you need to focus on
  • Revise using our Smart Revision program to revisit weak topics and high yield questions for exams
With its innovative approach to learning, StudySmart is the perfect tool for students who are looking to excel in their studies and achieve their full potential. So why wait? Download StudySmart today and start your journey to academic success!
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