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A Holistic approach to mastering PSLE Mathematics

With StudySmart, learning maths is always fun! Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms, our smart learning platform
  • Motivates students to enjoy Mathematics
  • Addresses the learning needs of children aged 6 - 12
  • Fosters self-directed learning
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Master Mathematical Skills

Mathematics is a lot more than numbers, sums, and integrations. A lack of proper mathematical knowledge can make your child encounter significant roadblocks academically and in their daily lives as well.

At StudySmart, we're committed to helping primary school students excel in their PSLE exams, and that includes mastering mathematics. We know that maths can be a challenging subject for many students, but with our AI-powered app, we make it easy to learn and practice maths concepts in an engaging and effective way that will help to instill a positive learning attitude.

With StudySmart, your child will have access to an adaptive question bank that provides personalized questions based on their skill level and learning style, as well as comprehensive practice tests that help identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Our Smart Maths Curriculum

StudySmart's Maths curriculum is based on the MOE syllabus and is constantly revised to ensure that it is up to date with the latest changes. In fact, all our questions and materials are designed by our team of highly experienced, MOE-trained specialists who have years of collective experience teaching Mathematics and setting exam questions for schools and PSLE. Their guidance and mentorship plays an instrumental role in designing an exclusive curriculum in all aspects.

With StudySmart, you'll be able to improve your maths skills through:
  • Personalized question banks that adjust to your child’s skill level and learning style
  • Adaptive learning tools that help your child focus on areas where they need the most improvement
  • Practice tests that simulate the PSLE maths exam
  • Pomodoro time management technique that creates 25-minute practice worksheets
  • Spaced interval repetition, which revisits weaker topics to improve memory and recollection

Making Maths Meaningful

Personalised Learning
Our app automatically tracks student interaction, evaluates their strategies, and adjusts the lessons to help them progress at their own pace. We redefine maths learning by making it more adaptive, thereby building confidence in the minds of your children.
AI-Powered Question Bank
Our AI-powered question bank is a compilation of questions created by exMOE PSLE examiners that mimic top school exam question papers, heuristic questions, and high-yield questions. We offer automated marking, and you need not even worry about supervising your child's exams.
Instant Feedbacks
Our learning pedagogy motivates students to build critical thinking skills and draw connections using a detailed step-by-step technique. We help them identify a problem, explore ways to solve it and apply the best method. All the answers will be reviewed logically to give instant feedback.
Revise & Recap
Our app ensures that students revise their mistakes and other high-yield questions periodically, to ensure that the concepts are reinforced. Additionally, the revision sessions are built such that the students recap the questions right before they are about to forget them.
Parent Assistance
We offer tailored reports to help parents understand their child's strengths and weaknesses at a glance. Parents can then understand the topics in which their child needs extra attention and assign homework accordingly, with just a simple touch of a button.

Get PSLE-Ready with StudySmart

Help your child overcome their PSLE anxiety. Create a happier maths learner and discover how learning maths can be fun, enriching and engaging. Still not convinced?
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Every Problem Has a StudySmart Solution

80% of PSLE mathematics test questions can only be solved using problem-solving techniques and skills. Problem-solving skills are a prerequisite for students not only to gain better marks in school assessments but also to face real-life examinations with confidence.

If you want your child to gain an AL1 grade for maths in PSLE, you need to adopt an integrated approach right from their early learning phase. During the last decade, the Singapore Maths syllabus for primary classes has undergone a notable transformation. The idea now is to imbibe an approach known as Heuristic Problem-Solving. Here, the focus has shifted from mathematical operations (addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division) and numerical forms (fractions, decimals, and whole numbers) to applications and analytical solutions.

This is the basic premise of the StudySmart solution. Our AI-Driven approach to problem-solving focuses on enabling students to apply every mathematical concept that they have learnt. This proven and established method ensures repetitive engagement, and reinforces the student's ability to relate their conceptual understanding to real-world situations. Ultimately, this approach enables students to be effective problem-solvers.

Whether you're looking to improve your child’s maths skills, prepare for the PSLE maths exam, or need extra support in their maths studies, StudySmart is here to help. Sign up today and experience the power of AI-driven learning!

Crack the Maths Nut
PSLE Mathematics Exam Format

Paper 1 - MCQ & Short Answer Questions
(Duration - 1 hour, Marks - 45)

Booklet A: MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

For each MCQ, students will be given 4 options, out of which they have to choose the one correct answer. There will be 15 questions, and all will be simple and straightforward. The questions are mainly aimed at testing a student's basic mathematical skills and understanding of concepts.

Booklet B: Short Answer Questions

Students will be given questions for which they have to provide short answers in the space provided under each question. Each question will carry either 1 or 2 marks.

Paper 2 - Long-Answer / Structured Questions
(Duration - 1 hour & 30 mins, Marks - 55)

5 short answer questions
12 long answer questions

The questions will be word problems (problem sums) of varying levels of complexity.

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Adaptive Maths Learning for Better PSLE Scores

Achieving an AL1 in PSLE Maths requires a holistic approach to learning.

With over 100,000 questions curated by the best of the best MOE educators, StudySmart provides a convenient and comprehensive resource for students for their PSLE preparation.

  • In addition to distilling the complexities of a maths problem, StudySmart exposes students to different ways to solve a problem, using various heuristics and out-of-the-box thinking skills.
  • Loaded with powerful features that include bite-sized learning modules, microlearning flashcards, analytics-driven feedback system, StudySmart, serves as a holistic learning app.
  • Our goal is to offer a personalized adaptive learning environment that nurtures every child to transform into a self-driven, motivated and independent learner.
  • With just 25 minutes of focused, high-impact learning, we strive to help your child not just ace the PSLE but also take charge of their overall education.

You've Got Questions?
We've Got the Answers!

Every maths question we use in StudySmart aligns with the Singapore Maths curriculum.
Yes. We use adaptive questions to detect your child's starting point and the basic skills we need to inculcate in your child. The questions will be developed automatically to help them build their confidence levels and learn gradually.
Like a teacher who constantly monitors a child, our AI will continuously measure your child's performance levels and understanding capabilities. If your child quickly finds answers to questions based on different concepts asked through different contexts, our system will understand that your child has clearly mastered the lesson and all the essential topics for PSLE maths.
If your child is unable to solve a problem, they can refer to the detailed step-by-step solution offered along with each problem. In case they need extra assistance, you can contact us for a free personalised Zoom Q&A session with our teachers. This support service is provided round the clock, 24/7.
Our StudySmart app provides practice tests that simulate the PSLE maths exam that contains more than 100,000 questions curated by Ex-MOE teachers and PSLE markers. Your child can thus get a comprehensive question bank to practice and learn their lessons.
StudySmart will always complement your child's current learning approach. We help your child to learn maths at their own pace and gain confidence. It can be used as a daily revision tool to help your child grasp maths concepts easily.
StudySmart · PSLE Maths - StudySmart
StudySmart · PSLE Maths - StudySmart
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