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Time Management Tactics for School Students

February 13, 2022
StudySmart Team
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Students often find it difficult to manage their time efficiently. Classes, assignments, projects, playtime, family time, hanging out with friends- their days are filled with activities. And, the result? Assignments and lessons get piled up, and laugh at your child menacingly as the exam dates fast approach. But, what we should remember is the fact that all of us have the same time in a single day- 24hrs! So it all depends on how we use it. If others can manage, so can your child. It is as simple as that. Being a school student, your child's chances of getting diverted from things that matter the most are more. But, we don't blame them. It is all a part of growing up. Also, no one is asking your child to sit and study 24/7. All they need is to plan smartly, learn the lessons and enjoy life. As a parent, it is also your responsibility to help your child master time management skills. So, how to get on with it? We have compiled some smart tips for your child. Let us go straight to the details.

Excellent Time Management Tips for Students

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Today, online learning is gaining prominence thanks to the pandemic and the impending fear about the spread of the deadly virus. Thus, students have more time to learn and explore their abilities now as they need not spend time to get ready for school or for commuting to school and back home. Everything needs to be managed from home, which is why students need more discipline to be more productive. Online learning platforms can be a great idea to augment their learning potential and speed up their knowledge acquiring process.

Now, let us take a look at some of the best time management tips for your child:

Schedule The Tasks

Help your child to make a master schedule to manage their works- studies, assignments, and project work, if any. You can start by listing down the tasks on paper. Even if the task list seems too long, you can group them into different sections like reading, assignments, playing, home chores, etc. You can mark the subjects and assignments based on priority too. This will help your child to prioritize the subjects that need more attention and finish their assignments on time. You can mark the due dates of assignments on the schedule so that all the assignments are finished on time without fail. You can get a bit creative and use different colours or even stickers for each subject. This will help your child to understand the schedule easily.

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BreakDown The Big Tasks

Imagine your child's teacher asking them to complete a comparatively bigger assignment. It might seem to be a bit overwhelming for the child and maybe for you too. But, your child can complete it easily if you help breakdown the big task into small tasks. Note down the deadline first. Then work backwards and split the work into smaller pieces to get it completed before the due date. It will help your child to get the work completed without getting stressed about it. For instance, imagine your child has to read a few chapters in a book. Count the number of days your child has before the deadline. Now split the number of pages by dividing the number of pages by the number of days. This will help your child know how to manage their time effectively and complete the task easily.

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Stay Away From Distractions

Your child needs to start being self-aware of the major distractions that divert them away from their studies. It can be their favourite food, snacks, books, video games, mobile phones or even their little siblings. By being aware of their distractions, they will be able to understand what causes a lack of productivity in them. Being aware is half the battle won. Now, the next half of the battle is to get rid of these distractions during study time. Your child should have a peaceful study environment far away from all the distractions. If your child gets distracted by their favourite food or chocolate kept in the pantry, tell them that they will get it as a reward for finishing a task. Keep motivating them like that to help them avoid distractions and complete tasks on time.

Get Started, Get Smart & Manage Time Efficiently

Setting up good habits to manage time efficiently may seem difficult or even impossible at first, especially if your child is small. But persistence is the key! Take hints from the tips mentioned above and set realistic, small goals for your child. There is no need to overwhelm them with a strict schedule and all. You need to maintain a balance and also help your child understand the benefits of managing time effectively. Keep encouraging them and reward them with little gifts when they complete tasks on time. Soon, your child will start managing time efficiently on their own without any assistance from elders. You can also suggest smart online learning apps for your child to help them learn at their own pace. Now, let us not waste time anymore. Get started and get going!

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