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The MOE Primary Science syllabus is designed to teach scientific concepts at an in-depth level. Hence, your child needs a special strategy to ensure that they can truly understand these concepts thoroughly. This will help them handle real life application questions and apply these concepts efficiently.

At StudySmart, we understand the importance of mastering Science concepts for primary school students preparing for the PSLE. That's why we've developed an AI-powered app that covers all topics and key concepts in the PSLE Science syllabus.

StudySmart's PSLE Science app is an ideal platform that encourages your child to develop his/her interest in science rather than be intimidated by its complexity.

Our Science module is designed to help your child learn and practice Science concepts in an engaging and effective way. With our adaptive question bank, your child will receive personalized questions based on their skill level and learning style, and our comprehensive practice tests will help identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Our PSLE Science Exam Curriculum

StudySmart's Science curriculum is based on the syllabus prescribed by the Singapore's Ministry of Education and is constantly revised to ensure that it is up to date with the latest changes.

The StudySmart app is highly effective in helping children to improve their Science skills because it does/has the following:
  • Builds their core knowledge strongly so that they can overcome any conceptual questions with ease.
  • Incorporates the necessary skills to tackle complex questions that are application-based.
  • Ensures your child has a firm grasp of science concepts, process skills, and answering techniques.
  • Provides students with tips on how to provide PSLE science answers that will earn them the most marks.
  • Personalized question banks that adjust to your child’s skill level and learning style
  • Adaptive learning tools that help your child focus on areas where they need the most improvement
  • Practice tests that simulate the PSLE Science exam
  • Pomodoro time management technique that creates 25-minute practice worksheets
  • Spaced interval repetition, which revisits weaker topics to improve memory and recollection

How to ace PSLE Science with StudySmart

The learning styles and abilities of each child are unique. To meet the differing learning needs of our students, we provide a customised teaching methodology. Our courses and programmes are designed to empower your child to learn smarter and achieve better academic results using Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience.

Mastering the Concept
Reinforce learning concepts to help them progress from one level to another. We also provide timely tests to evaluate the progress and identify any conceptual weaknesses.
Real-time Feedback
We provide instant feedback and correction to flawed concepts in every topic to strengthen their overall understanding of the subject.
Personalised Learning Techniques
Tailored learning strategies that consider your child's needs, abilities, interests, and learning styles. Our app encourages them to learn Science at their own pace and be responsible for the results.
Building Attitudes
Our techniques help to measure your child’s understanding capacity with actionable insights through clear reports. It also encourages them to consistently practice more on their weaker topics.
Full-On Engagement
Artificial Intelligence enables the learning and revision of concepts anywhere, anytime, at your child's convenience. Additionally, our app encourages them to pick up heuristic skills and strategies to enhance their overall learning capabilities.
A smartphone screen with a screenshot of StudySmart's PSLE exam mock test taking application. Has many small computer icons
A smartphone screen with a screenshot of StudySmart's PSLE exam mock test taking application. Has many small computer icons

Become a Science Superstar with StudySmart

Help your child face the PSLE Science exam with amazing confidence. Provide an enriching learning experience to bring out their inner love for Science. Give our app a try!
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Master Scientific Concepts with StudySmart

Knowing science inside out requires a great deal of skill. Nevertheless, it isn't impossible. The art of understanding a complex subject relies entirely on your child's ability to break down and understand scientific concepts and apply them in actual exams and the PSLE. StudySmart's PSLE Science app promotes self-paced learning to help your child grasp the key concepts and strengthen their foundation in science. Thus, our methodology has the long-term effect on your child's ability to answer complex questions effortlessly. Our app also provides:

  • High-quality notes that are in-line with the MOE curriculum.
  • Timely reports for you to track your child's progress.
  • Online quizzes with self-evaluation and real-time feedback.

We know that science can be a challenging subject, but with StudySmart, your child can master the PSLE science syllabus and excel in their exams. Sign up today and experience the power of AI-driven learning!

An In-depth Glimpse Into the
PSLE Science Exam Format

PSLE Science exam is based on five primary themes Diversity, Systems, Cycles, Interactions, and Energy.
Theme Topics
  • Diversity of Living Things
  • Diversity of Materials
  • Life Cycles of Plants
  • Reproduction in Plants
  • Matter Water and Changes of State
  • Plants and their parts
  • Plant Transport System
  • Cell System
  • Air and the Respiratory System
  • The Circulatory System
  • Electrical Systems
  • Man’s Impact on the Environment
  • Living Together
  • Magnets and their Characteristics Forces
  • Energy in Food
  • Light and Shadow
  • Heat and Temperature
  • Forms and Uses of Energy
The exam duration is 1 hour and 45 minutes to attempt two booklets:

Booklet A:

Multiple-Choice Questions

28 questions carrying 2 marks each,
totalling the score to 56.

Booklet B:

Open-Ended Questions

12-13 open-ended questions carrying 2-5 marks each,
totalling the score to 44.

A different approach to PSLE Science

The PSLE Science exam can prove to be a great obstacle for students who cannot crack the complexity of the questions. Our app is designed to help your child overcome such challenges by:

Utilising the Right Exam Techniques

PSLE Science Booklet A has questions with tricky and similar options, from which students must pick the right one. Hence, your child’s foundational understanding of key concepts must be very strong to effectively tackle this paper. On the other hand, PSLE Science Booklet B has a detailed, direct and strict marking procedure. To score as much as possible in this paper, your child must answer in a clear and concise manner with all required keywords.

Tackling the Questions Strategically

Performing well in the PSLE Science paper requires strategic thinking. Our app's exam strategies teach your child how to take an exam using the most efficient method.

Providing the Right Answers

StudySmart teaches students how to answer open-ended questions that meet the exam markers' expectations. This method will help your child receive the best marks possible in their exams.

StudySmart’s Conceptual Learning for PSLE Science

With an exclusive and huge collection of valuable questions, our PSLE Science app incorporates the following aspects:

  • Mock-exam papers that simulate the PSLE Science exam to practice and prepare for the examination
  • Systematic, topic-based revision of all important topics
  • Simple and complex questions from all lessons
  • Measures to avoid common mistakes
  • Techniques to improve the overall score

Want More Info? Read our FAQs Section.

StudySmart is a one-of-a-kind app that helps revise science with the best tips, tricks, and techniques. Our app shows easy ways to understand the subject, retain them in memory, and rewrite them with conceptual clarity. StudySmart is an ideal choice because it:

  • Promotes smart study through proven learning techniques.
  • Connects your child's science knowledge with practical examples to boost their retaining power.
  • Helps you understand your child's strong and weak points in the subject.

You can incorporate:

  • Hands-on learning
  • Conceptual understanding rather than rote learning
  • Accurate use of scientific terms and names
  • Familiarity with keywords and concepts
  • Optimum usage of multiple-choice question elimination
The PSLE Science exam will evaluate your child's conceptual understanding, reasoning and application of the topics. Several learning objectives set by the MOE are also assessed as a part of the exam.

Our Science app can help your child master the vast, diverse, and complex PSLE Science content. Furthermore, it can help them:

  • Familiarise the exam paper format
  • Improve their answer writing strategies
  • Accurate use of scientific terms and names
  • Understand and apply the right exam techniques
  • Tackle the question paper to their advantage
StudySmart · PSLE Science Online - StudySmart
StudySmart · PSLE Science online - StudySmart
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