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A young Asian girl focusing on her studies illustrates PSLE revision & preparation.

PSLE Revision & Preparation: Ways to Foster Self-Motivation

Parents often complain that their children lack the initiative to begin studying for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). You …
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Critical thinking in PSLE maths is illustrated with an Asian girl with a questioning face wearing eye glasses.

How Critical Thinking Elevates PSLE Maths Performance

The ability to form and articulate well-grounded opinions is called critical thinking. The Ministry of Education in Singapore has prioritized …
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A vector illustration of Kids with a Big Pencil Border for PSLE English Creative Writing.

Mastering the Art of Creative Writing in PSLE English Composition

Descriptive writing is not everyone’s cup of tea. In PSLE English composition, however, it is a prerequisite. This exam component …
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ChatGPT logo seen on a smartphone and OpenAI company logo displayed on a laptop illustrates ChatGPT's defeat by Singapore's PSLE exam questions.

ChatGPT Attempted Singapore’s PSLE Exam: Did it Pass?

ChatGPT needs no introduction unless you’ve been living under a rock. The next-gen chatbot from OpenAI has put the digital …
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A young female student is stressed and worried about mistakes on her test answer sheets.

7 Mistakes Your Child Should NEVER Make During PSLE Preparation

The Ever-Daunting PSLE Exams PSLE is a big deal in Singapore, especially for Primary school students and you, their parents …
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A student is trying to sign-up on an e-learning website with a tablet.

Benefits of Online Learning: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best App

Online Learning Applications continue to grow in popularity, both during and after the pandemic. The widespread shutdowns and the apparent …
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The comprehension puzzle illustrates handling common mistakes made by students in PSLE English composition.

PSLE English Paper 2 Comprehension: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

The Importance Of PSLE Exams: An Overview Students of Singapore who are moving on from elementary to middle or high …
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Sitting in a classroom, an Asian schoolgirl writes English compositions in a book.

8 Types of Comprehension Questions: Tips & Strategies for PSLE English

The PSLE English Examination holds significant importance in Singapore’s National Exams, specifically in evaluating a student’s language proficiency. A good …
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A boy lying at the table with many books and holding a card with the word "Help", tired and frustrated by common PSLE math mistakes.

Solve It Right the First Time: Common Mistakes to Avoid in PSLE Maths

In recent times, the mathematics section of the recent PSLE has generated some controversy. Memes have been written about them …
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