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7 Mistakes Your Child Should NEVER Make During PSLE Preparation

March 20, 2023
StudySmart Team
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A young female student is stressed and worried about mistakes on her test answer sheets.

The Ever-Daunting PSLE Exams

PSLE is a big deal in Singapore, especially for Primary school students and you, their parents. With PSLE preparation in full swing, you are likely be bombarded with PSLE-related advice and guidelines.

While the prime focus is all on “What to do”, you should also focus on “what you shouldn’t do” during the preparation process. This academic year can be extra stressful and overwhelming for P6 students. Here’s where they are vulnerable to making mistakes in preparing for the biggest exam of their school lives.

As your child prepare for PSLE exams, they should avoid these mistakes, which may hinder their focus and affect your performance.

Silly Blunders to Steer Clear Of During PSLE Preparation

1. Pulling an all-nighter a day before the exam

Most students think cramming in as much information as possible just a night before the exam will work wonders. This is a big miscalculation. PSLE is a marathon, not a sprint. It is not practically possible to pack the entire PSLE syllabus in one night. Instead, it is better for your child to:

  • Spread out their preparation over a time period.
  • Rely on conceptual understanding over rote memorization.
  • Implement well-rounded study schedules.
  • Prioritize rest time and quality learning time.

2. Rushing through the questions and answer options

Some PSLE Math and Science questions are lengthy and complex. Out of tension, lack of time, or the pressure to save time, many students simply skim through questions, which can cost them dearly. For example, True or False questions in Science often have the word 'not' in them. The student may have written the wrong answer because they skipped over it.

To avoid such blunders, your child should carefully read the question and highlight key terms while writing the answer.

3. Forgoing sleep, water, and food

Nothing good comes skipping meals or sleeping less. Your child will only end up spoiling their physical and mental health and the ability to focus on studies. Moreover, the lack of sleep can affect brain functioning and their memory power when they want it the most. Adequate sleep, a healthy diet, and consistent hydration are necessary to power them physically and mentally for PSLE.

4. Committing silly mistakes

This is the biggest factor that causes many students to lose valuable marks in PSLE. How can your P^ child avoid making silly mistakes? They can:

  • Double-check their work after completing the paper.
  • Express the answers based on your conceptual understanding.
  • Write and practice every single day.

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5. Leaving answers incomplete

Full, complete answers carry more weight than incomplete answers-This is the golden rule for any exam, including PSLE. Giving short answers when elaborate ones are expected will also cost them valuable marks. Therefore, ensure they understand the value of giving complete answers in their own words rather than copying textbook phrases. Taking the time to explain each question in detail will help them gain good scores. Furthermore, it will also demonstrate your child’s understanding of the topic.
Image of erasing a written mistake on the OMR answer sheet of the PSLE exam.
6. Poor time management

When writing PSLE, the prime objective is to complete the entire question paper within the allotted time. Time management should be practised daily during the preparation and revision stages. The following tips will help P6 students finish the question paper on time:

  • Read all the questions before attempting to answer them.
  • Refrain from dwelling on one single question for too much time.
  • Complete the familiar questions first.
  • Understand how much time each section takes to complete.

It is also important to practice writing timed tests within the same timeframe as the actual exam to ensure sensible time management.

7. Writing illegibly

Even the best answers in the world will be rendered useless if your child’s handwriting is poor. A messy handwriting will hinder the correction process and make it challenging for the examiner to understand the answers. This could make them lose precious marks. Another risk with poor handwriting is your Math calculations. Students with poor handwriting may end up misreading your own calculations and giving incorrect answers.

Here’s a pro tip to ensure your child’s handwriting is at its best in every PSLE exam: Practise writing answers and working out Math problems against the clock. The more often you do it, the better you get at writing neatly within the timeframe. So, ultimately, you will master good handwriting during the exam.

Master the Mistakes & Ace the PSLE Exam

These are the common mistakes your child should avoid in PSLE in order to maximize their chances of success. Encourage them to ask their teachers or mentors for guidance when necessary, and always remain focused, organized, and dedicated towards their studies. To know more about PSLE preparation, get in touch with our experts at Studysmart.

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