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A student is expressing his opinion for the question asked by the instructor for the PSLE oral exam. The boy is happily sharing his experiences with the teacher.

The Comprehensive Guidebook on PSLE Stimulus-Based Conversation

What is Oral Stimulus Based Conversation in PSLE English? Stimulus Based Conversation or SBC is one of the two parts …
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In the middle of a white background poster, appears the word Algebra which is in doodled style. The text is surrounded by formula's and diagrams representing it.

P6 Algebra: The Important Rules & Concepts to Remember

Algebra in Primary 6 can be quite a tough nut to crack. Basically, Algebra is about using alphabets in Mathematical …
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Mother and father teach PSLE Science concepts to their child and make her revise them.

Top Tips For Students & Parents to Enhance PSLE Science Revision

How to Prepare for PSLE Science? The PSLE Science paper is notoriously famous for being one of the most challenging …
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Group of students standing with a school bag, in front of the blackboard.

PSLE Science: What Will Your Child Learn in P5 & P6

PSLE Science: Under the Spotlight Singapore’s Ministry of Education leaves no stone unturned regarding students’ academic future. The Science syllabus …
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While sitting in the classroom, primary school students write their PSLE English compositions

PSLE English Composition: Marking Scheme & Mistakes to Avoid.

PSLE English Composition: Why You Should Give it a Serious Thought Ask any former Primary student who has faced the …
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Three school students are sitting in the chair and writing something on the note book that is seen in the table.

Exploring “Deep Practice” & How it Influences Student Learning

Practice Makes Perfect. But How? We’ve all grown up hearing these words, “Practice makes perfect.” How true is this statement? …
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A group of students learning science subjects practically with chemical solvent and microscope equipment.

Teaching PSLE Science: 7 Key Challenges & Solutions

PSLE Science: A Tough Nut to Crack? STEM: The acronym that’s taken the world of education by storm in recent …
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A school going kid is seen writing on the note book with a pencil in hand, a pencil holder, books and table can be seen in the surrounding area.

The Pomodoro Magic: How to Use the Method for Effective Study

Focus and attention: the two aspects that are huge challenges for students worldwide. The world around us today makes it …
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In her classroom, a girl child writes PSLE Situational Writing with other students

The 7-Step Guide to PSLE Situational Writing

What is Situational Writing in PSLE English? In Singapore, school children who progress from Primary 5 to Primary 6 are …
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