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A wheel design representing four ways of learning viz. seeing, hearing, feeling and thinking with their respective icons such as eyes, ears, hands and brain.

Why You Should Capitalise on Your Child’s Learning Style: An Analysis

In a country like Singapore, when it comes to education, parents leave no stone unturned. They arrange expensive tuitions and …
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A pre-teen age school boy is holding a book on his hand and smiling, with the chalk board background with creative sum written on it.

Reasons Why SA1 Exams Are Important in Singapore

Singapore’s PSLE 1-6 curriculum has four assessments each academic year: the CA1, SA1, CA2, and SA2. SA1 stands for Semestral …
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A page in the dictionary shows a close view for the text Phrasal verb along with its meaning. The text Phrasal verb is highlighted in blue.

Ace the Phrasal Verbs Topic for PSLE English Success!

The PSLE English exam is a national exam that all Singaporean students take at the end of their primary learning …
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A student is preparing for English oral exams by making a checklist of items that are considered for oral reading and stimulus based conversation.

The PEARS Oral Reading Skills Checklist

Reading Aloud and Stimulus-Based Conversation constitute the PSLE English Oral exam. Both parts of the exam allow students to think …
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Group of students standing before the classroom blackboard are posing happily after successfully completing their PSLE exams. Hand gesture of victory shows that students have performed their exams well.

How to Optimise on Last Minute Preparation for PSLE Science

Your Primary 6 child may have devoted days, weeks and months to master PSLE Science questions and answers. However, as …
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A boy who is ready to take up his PSLE oral exam observes silently the instructions provided by the teacher. The instructor is expressing her views to motivate the kid.

PSLE English Oral Exam Schedule & Format: Explored & Explained

It is well-known that the PSLE Oral topic consists of two parts:Reading AloudStimulus-Based ConversationThis exam is an opportunity for Primary …
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A student is expressing his opinion for the question asked by the instructor for the PSLE oral exam. The boy is happily sharing his experiences with the teacher.

The Comprehensive Guidebook on PSLE Stimulus-Based Conversation

What is Oral Stimulus Based Conversation in PSLE English?Stimulus Based Conversation or SBC is one of the two parts of …
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In the middle of a white background poster, appears the word Algebra which is in doodled style. The text is surrounded by formula's and diagrams representing it.

P6 Algebra: The Important Rules & Concepts to Remember

Algebra in Primary 6 can be quite a tough nut to crack. Basically, Algebra is about using alphabets in Mathematical …
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Mother and father teach PSLE Science concepts to their child and make her revise them.

Top Tips For Students & Parents to Enhance PSLE Science Revision

How to Prepare for PSLE Science? The PSLE Science paper is notoriously famous for being one of the most challenging …
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