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A small kid is learning science lesson with a interactive touch screen.

PSLE 2022: How To Minimise Careless Mistakes in Science Exam

Are Careless Mistakes Avoidable in PSLE Science? There’s no denying that PSLE Science is a tough exam. With two booklets …
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A group of students, each having their individual tables and chairs, taking examination with a question paper and answer sheets in their hand.

What to Do and What to Avoid on the Day of Your PSLE Exam

As the day of the first PSLE exam approaches, you are mentally listing a hundred things to ask your child …
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A small boy is studying lesson by seeing a notebook and a pen in his hand.

Last-Minute Tips to Ace the PSLE Math Paper

PSLE Math Exam & Its Importance Math is one of the five mandatory subjects all Primary students learn in Singapore …
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A happy school student is seen writing maths formulae on the board.

How to Memorise Math Formulae for PSLE Math Exams

Why do School Children Fear Math? The world has a love-hate relationship with Math. Some students have panic attacks before …
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A school student is listening to the teacher who is teaching him with a note and a pen in hand.

Last-Minute Tips to Score Well in PSLE English Exam

Students have their own ways of preparing for formal exams. For something as challenging as the PSLE exam, Primary students …
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Little kid along with dad is experimenting on growing bean sprouts. Both of them are having fun making easy science experiments together.

How to Help Your Child Master PSLE Science in Primary 3

Singapore’s Primary school system is divided into two blocks: 1. Lower Block constituting Primary 3 and 4 2. Upper Block …
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A student is writing comprehension in PSLE English exam sitting comfortably on the desk. Exam booklet with other writing materials are available on the table.

Stop Making These Common Mistakes in PSLE English

Why do Students Make Mistakes in PSLE English? Mistakes are common in exams. But isn’t writing without mistakes one of …
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A wheel design representing four ways of learning viz. seeing, hearing, feeling and thinking with their respective icons such as eyes, ears, hands and brain.

Why You Should Capitalise on Your Child’s Learning Style: An Analysis

In a country like Singapore, when it comes to education, parents leave no stone unturned. They arrange expensive tuitions and …
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A pre-teen age school boy is holding a book on his hand and smiling, with the chalk board background with creative sum written on it.

Reasons Why SA1 Exams Are Important in Singapore

Singapore’s PSLE 1-6 curriculum has four assessments each academic year: the CA1, SA1, CA2, and SA2. SA1 stands for Semestral …
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