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Group of students standing in front of the black board, each holding learning tools such as lens, book, writing pad and a globe.

Bite-sized Learning: How Does it Make PSLE Preparation Easy?

As the name suggests, bite-sized learning or microlearning is a procedure of breaking down digital learning content into small modules …
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A girl student is learning something on the book by following guidance of a staff member of a school.

Effective Last-minute Revision Strategies for PSLE Success

Introduction The PSLE exam is a breakthrough in a student’s life in Singapore. Parents start worrying and pressurising their children …
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A revision notepad is written with a text "Today Revision" with 1, 2, 3 numbers.

Effective Last-minute Revision Strategies for PSLE Success

With the PSLEs approaching, parents and students may feel the effects of exam stress. It may look like the kids …
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Some students sitting on a chair and writing something on a note book with pen and pencil on a table.

MOE’s Take on Maintaining 15% Challenging Questions in PSLE Exams

Singapore’s Ministry of Education is keen on maintaining a consistent standard of difficulty level in PSLE Exams. On July 15th, …
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The text Cheat Sheet is written on a rectangle shaped blue box.

How Cheat Sheets Help Solving PSLE Math Challenges

What Are Cheat Sheets? The Collins English Dictionary defines a “cheat sheet” as a ” short list of information used …
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English grammar question papers kept on a table with a pen on its top.

PSLE English Grammar: What You Will Face in PSLE Exams

Grammar & Its Importance in PSLE English English Grammar is the lifeline of the subject. In fact, language cannot exist …
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A small boy is experimenting a young seedling plant with a lens in his hand for his science project.

How to Improve Memory Retention for PSLE Science Questions

After months and weeks of exam preparation and revision, it finally boils down to the moment when your memory kicks …
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Text mind map is written on a black board with some arrows connecting the text

5 Ways Mind Maps Improve PSLE Science Revision

An Introduction to Mind Map Whether they like it or not, consistent revision is mandatory for students to succeed in …
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A girl, looking bored, is doing homework on the paper kept in the table with a pen in her hand.

Role of Past Years’ Question Papers in PSLE Preparation

What Are PSLE Question Papers & Where Can You Get Them? Well, the answer lies in the question itself. As …
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