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The Complete Guide to PSLE Exam Preparation

February 17, 2022
StudySmart Team
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Are you experiencing PSLE exam jitters along with your child? We don't blame you, for thousands of other parents and Primary 6 students are sailing in the same boat.

In Singapore, the PSLE or Primary School Leaving Examination is a big deal for every student looking to complete their sixth year of primary school. After all, it is a major academic milestone for all school students in Singapore. PSLE marks the end of six long years of compulsory primary school education. Students are assessed on their proficiency in Science, Maths, English and their mother tongue, which can be Tamil, Malay, or Chinese.

If you and your child are new to PSLE, you need expert guidance to put you on the right track for exam preparation. Our article will serve as the perfect guide to explain the what, when, why, and how of PSLE exams. So, let's get started.

PSLE: The Foundation From Primary To Secondary School & Beyond

PSLE is an important cornerstone for every child looking forward to graduating from primary school. Upon graduation, students will choose their secondary schools based on the scores obtained in these exams.

Your child's PSLE score determines they are qualified to choose the Normal Academic, Normal Technical, or Express stream in secondary school. Your child will spend 4 or 5 years studying their chosen courses in secondary school. At the end of this duration, they will face the next most important national-level exams, which are the Ordinary Levels or Normal Levels. The scores they gain in these exams will determine how your child progresses to higher education.

PSLE lays the foundation for your child to go from primary to secondary school before entering college for higher studies. So, it is easy to understand why PSLE has parents and students on their toes every academic year.

Looking forward to taking PSLE exams to finish your child's primary education? Choose the right PSLE online learning app for your students to feel comfortable during exam preparation. StudySmart's AI based self-learning techniques enable students to acquire deep knowledge in PSLE English, PSLE Maths, PSLE Science.

What Is The Ideal Time To Start Preparing For PSLE?

Are you considering commencing your PSLE exam preparation when your child comes to Primary 6? It is not an ideal decision.

According to educators, your child should start their PSLE preparation as early as possible (which in other words means when they are in Primary 3). Why? Because it gives them enough time to:

  • Lay a rock-solid foundation
  • Close the knowledge gaps
  • Work on weaker topics
  • Learn time management
  • Study without any stress
  • Devote time for other activities

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Tips To Gear Up For PSLE Exams

1. Bridge the knowledge gaps

Utilise the early prep years (Primary 3 and 4) to lay a strong conceptual foundation by sealing all the knowledge gaps and working on weaker topics. In Singapore, our primary education focuses on the depth of knowledge. Therefore a strong foundation can give your child an extra advantage for later stages of preparation.

2. Familiarise with the exam format

Encourage your child to take on any number of practice papers and mock tests. These attempts will help them familiarise the exam paper format and identify the areas that need more effort. At the end of each exam, your child can list all the difficult questions and make another attempt to answer them after a quick revision.

3. Make practice consistent

Consistency is the key to seeing an improvement in grades. Make sure your child studies every day. That said, there is no point in cramming too much information in a single day. Instead, ask them to create a syllabus-based schedule and follow it diligently so that they are not overburdened.

4. Prioritise weaker topics

If you've started late, there is no point in trying to learn everything. Instead, ensure your child focuses on topics where they perform poorly. Having targeted practice on weaker topics will result in improved scores. If time is a constraint, it is better to drop topics they simply do not understand.

5. Revise every single day

Regular revision helps your child retain what they've learnt for a longer time. You can choose various approaches to make revision fun and effective. Use:

  • Flashcards
  • Quizzes
  • Topic-wise notes
  • Learning apps

Make PSLE Preparation A Worthwhile Attempt

A targeted early approach to PSLE will ensure that your child is not overburdened and overwhelmed. When D Day arrives, they will be familiar with the tactics to handle the exam challenges. A solid preparation strategy will alleviate their exam fear and ensure they face the PSLE confidently and ace it with flying colours. StudySmart app is an AI-powered PSLE learning platform that helps personalise and optimise your child's exam preparations. Signup for a free trial and explore how StudySmart, Singapore, can make a world of difference to your child's PSLE preparations.

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