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PSLE Revision & Preparation: Ways to Foster Self-Motivation

May 25, 2023
StudySmart Team
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A young Asian girl focusing on her studies illustrates PSLE revision & preparation.

Parents often complain that their children lack the initiative to begin studying for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE). You might be seeking help to support your child's studying and test performance in the midst of ongoing challenges. Though exams are necessary for every child's education, they may put a lot of pressure on them. The OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) compared students from other nations and concluded that students in Singapore have significantly greater anxiety and stress levels than students from other countries. Several factors can cause kids to postpone PSLE revision. They are:

1. Inadequate understanding of revising techniques
2. Overwhelmed by the challenge
3. Thinking it is too soon to begin revising
4. Believing that revising will not help
5. Having a short attention span
6. Ignorant about the importance of the exam

It's difficult to discover a solution when your youngster isn't motivated to study because of all the factors that could be at play. This article aims to provide insight into these factors and methods to motivate kids effectively.

Taking the Extra Mile - Effective Strategies for PSLE Revision

As parents, we naturally want to provide everything to the best of our ability for our children. When it concerns PSLE preparation, we will be prepared to go to any extent in order to assist them. Sometimes we tend to go overboard too. Let's examine some effective strategies for addressing the potential causes of your child's revision difficulties.

Showing active interest

Your involvement in your kid's revision efforts may significantly impact them. To begin with, you must comprehend the expectations imposed upon them. You can accomplish this by familiarizing yourself with the syllabus, practice papers, marking schemes, and exam schedules. Then encourage your kid to develop his or her own study schedule. You can provide valuable guidance by assisting them by tracking the days until the exam and making them gain a sense of advancement. Based on the progress they make, adjustments can be made to the schedule.

Minimizing external motivation

Begin by creating a list of hobbies or activities with which your child is currently externally influenced. Start by eliminating one item from the list. If you put an end to everything at once, you have to be prepared to manage the potential repercussions of addressing various factors simultaneously. You are free to discontinue a penalty or withdraw an incentive you have offered them. Regardless of the option you choose, it is essential to anchor the alteration in a conversation. Explain that your objective is to foster an atmosphere in which they can truly enjoy the things they do. Inform them that you will no longer criticize them because you only need to make them find pleasure in learning. Tell them that they can pursue their true passions. Effectively communicating how things will be different is the first and foremost step in decreasing the dependence on external influences.

Organize, Achieve, Succeed - Guiding Your Child's Study Journey

The two crucial strategies to enhance your child’s PSLE preparation are:

Encourage them to value education

It is essential to instill in your child the understanding that studying is a lifelong journey with no shortcuts or escape routes. Avoid simply rewarding kids with materialistic things when they succeed in the PSLE. Instead, motivate them to achieve more so that they can realize their full potential and thereby experience personal growth as well. Get them to agree that there's more to learning than merely getting just rewards.

Help them to determine their learning style

Every youngster is on their own educational path and has a unique way of learning. If your kid is a slow learner, make them realize that progress does not come overnight and that taking one step at a time is okay. Help them identify their preferred method of learning and determine where they have difficulties in learning. You may help students learn more effectively by assessing their weaknesses and strengths and providing individualized assistance.

 The image of a mother helping her daughter study illustrates PSLE revision.

An Overview on How to Guide Your Child Towards PSLE Success

A few techniques must be followed to help your child ace the PSLE examination. They include:

Guide them to create a study schedule

Using study tools and methods is only a part of what makes studying efficient. Assist your child in making a detailed study plan that fulfills their objectives. This will offer them a detailed plan of action, which will help them understand what has to be done and do it more efficiently. Helping your child create a study schedule will increase their chances of doing well in PSLE and achieving success, as it will help them stay organized throughout the entire PSLE journey.

Combine different study techniques

Researchers and instructors have come up with a variety of tried-and-true study and review techniques over the years. Experiment with them by:

  • Reading and taking notes
  • Using Post-it notes and index cards
  • Incorporating audio and video clips
  • Helping in interconnecting mind maps

Keep an eye on your kid and observe them to find out what works best for them. Once you identify the best approach ideal for them, do not deviate from it if it is effective.

Create an ideal learning space

Creating a quiet space for your child to study at home is essential as it can have an impact on their academic performance. Make sure there is little noise and disruptions in their study area. It's necessary to have a study table and chair that are both comfortable for sitting for an extended amount of time. Adequate lighting, such as daylight streaming in from a window or a strategically placed table lamp in the evening, is necessary for reading.

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Final words

Your child's academics is a window of opportunity for them to demonstrate their abilities to the entire world. Get your point through and help them feel prepared and confident for the big test. Give them all the help and resources from the Studysmart learning platform so that they achieve success with proper PSLE revision. Give them incentives for their efforts, and teach them intelligent study habits they may use to raise their grades. Most importantly, make sure they know that education continues beyond their PSLE in Singapore. Insist that they keep learning and growing no matter what happens to them. These strategies mentioned above will help your child overcome any obstacles that have prevented them from revising effectively. Get in touch with Studysmart right away for better guidance.

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